Fresh Collection

Clásica Victoria Introduces the Fresh Collection. Explore our wide variety of products and endless palette of flavors. 

Please place your order with 48 hours of anticipation.

Signature Pink Cake

Thin chocolate brownie layer, with Belgium semisweet chocolate, dulce de leche, and pink italian merengue cover.


Complice Cake

Super thin vanilla sponge cake, dulce de leche, chantilly cream and fresh strawberries, finished with a grated vanilla sponge cake and strawberries


Memories Cake

Semisweet chocolate mousse, chantilly cream and Italian merengue decorated with melted chocolate.


Fresh Berry Tart

Homemade crust, dulce de leche, chantilly cream and berries.


Lemon Curt Tart

Homemade crust filled with classic english lemon curd, and a touch of italian burned merengue.


Micro Patisserie Box
  • Mini Lemon Pie

  • Chocolate mousse cup, merengue

  • Chocolate Brownie square , walnuts

  • Mini Dulce de Leche alfajor

  • Chocolate cup, dulce de leche, and roasted almonds



Clasica Breakfast 

The perfect was to say "I care for you".

  • Fresh fruits

  • Yoghurts parfait

  • Fresh orange juice 

  • Mini strawberry tart with chantilly cream and dulce de leche 

  • Gluten free coconut and almond mini bundt cake

  • Belgium Chocolate brownie

  • Mini plain croissants

  • Mini chocolate croissants

  • Mini scons 

  • Our signature dulce de leche alfajor.


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